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Escort Van to Luton Box Van minimum age 23. Maximum age 65 with 2 Years driving experience on a full licence. Minibuses minimum age 25. Maximum age 70 with 5 Years driving experience on a full licence.( If your age is under 23 Years please ask for details)


A current full driving licence must be produced by all hirers at the commencement of each and every hire. Hirers with the new photocard licence must also produce the counterpart endorsement sheet, which forms part of the licence. Minibus Hirers must be aged 25 or over and have a D1 category on their driving licence. The D1 category entitlement being on all full licences issued before January 1997 


 Each driver wishing to be insured must produce BOTH of the following two forms of identification: Proof of signature i.e. credit card, bankers card, passport etc. Recent proof of home address i.e. bank statement, gas, electric, telephone bill etc.


 Additional drivers can be insured for a very small daily charge. Full driving licence and identification as above are required. 


All accidents must be reported within 24 hours of occurring and an accident report form completed. Failure to do so may invalidate your insurance cover. 


 Payment must be made in full before the commencement of the hire period, unless an approved account has been opened with us. All major credit cards are accepted. The hire may also be paid in cash or cheques, supported by a valid bankers card but the excess deposit must be paid by a credit, debit or switch card. Cards will be charged at 3.5% . 


 Vehicles may be pre-booked with a credit, debit or switch card by telephone. A cancellation fee will apply for bookings cancelled before 48 hours.


If you wish to extend your hire, arrangements must be made prior to expiry of the current agreement and an additional payment made to enable the insurance cover to be extended. ( Subject to Availability) 


We reserve the right to contact the hirer for any issues with the hired vehicle for upto 9 working days after the return of the vehicle. 


 In the event of the reserved model being unavailable, an alternative vehicle from the same or higher group may be supplied. The rate for the model originally reserved will be charged providing the booking fee has been paid. 


The Damage Excess is £1000, Theft/Write-off £1500, £200/- Refundable deposit required. 


 Customers have the option to reduce the excesses applicable by purchasing Premium CDW. Premium CDW cover reduces or in some cases removes the excess applicable to the rental. Payment will be required at the commencement of the rental and the cost will vary dependent on the hirer and the vehicle hired, Premium CDW does not include cover for damage to the mirrors, aerials, tyres, loss of off pull-out-stereos, overhead damage to vans, fridge units and interior damage. Not with-standing this payment, you will remain responsible for paying the full daily rental charges until such time as the vehicle is either repaired or deemed a write off or is considered to be beyond economical repair. This process can take up to at a minimum of 25 days. FUEL- The Renter has to return the same amount of fuel whatever he got on the collection. DAILY CHECKS- The Hirer is responsible for checking water, oil levels and tyre pressures daily. 


In the unlikely event of a breakdown or accident all vehicles are covered by Roadside Recovery and Home Start services. (EUROPEAN BREAKDOWN COVER IS NOT INCLUDED, CUSTOMER NEED TO BUY SEPERATELY)


No vehicle may be taken abroad without our prior written consent. All vehicles taken to the continent are subject to a 40% surcharge, a special extended insurance cover will have to be purchased The AA 5 Star Service is offered with vehicle insurance being mandatory There are special conditions on MiniBus hires. Please ask for details.

We Require

  • Payment by credit or debit card We do not accept American Express and Electron Card
  • Photo card licences must be produced with National Insurance Number.
  • Two additional forms of ID e.g. utility bills, council tax bill or a bank statement. must be shown (dated within 3 months).
  • Drivers must be over 21 years old. Drivers aged between 21-23 will incur a young driver surcharge
  • You must have held your licence for over 1 year for insurance purpose.
  • All foreign drivers licences will be charged @ £10/day & must be produced with a valid passport.
  • The £200 is a Pre-Authorisation. It will be cancelled automatically in 5-7 working days after you return the van. We won't be able to cancel it straight away after you return the van. Metro Bank & other Online banks take around 30 days to cancel your deposit.